Qingdao Countree Food Co., Ltd,


Food Quality and Safety

Food quality and safety is one of the core issues for any food manufacturer. At Countree Food, as the integrated canned fruit and vegetable supplier, we instruct the quality system based on the BRC, IFS as well as other industry leading standards, empower our team with the great responsibility to fulfill the commitment of food quality and safety.

Collaborating laboratories and institutions

The Qulity & Safety Control at Countree Food

At Countree Food, as the BRC,IFS certified manufacturer, there are 4 quality control processes with the joint efforts of the whole team to drive Countree’s standards:

  • HACCP system

    At Countree Food, the process designed for each product category is based on hazard analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point CCP Establish Critical Limit CCP Monitoring Corrective Actions Verification Records
  • Food quality and safety control

  • Factory environmental standard

  • Product and process control

Sustained effort to ensure food quality and safety

Material as the most important part of the canned fruit and vegetables. At Countree Food, we continually invest in the seedling, technology improvement, the better ways to transport and preservation.

  • Seedling
  • Cultivation of technical guidance
  • Detection of crop residues
  • Maintain Reports of Analysis for each lot of obtained raw materials
  • Cool cargo transport
  • Produce within 2hrs
We continually invest to improve our equipment, which keeps quality and food safety at the forefront, based on the“within 2 hours production concept, to maximum the freshness and flavor.