South Africa: Booze-ban sees pineapple prices increase by 74%

15th July, 2021

“Pineapple prices increased significantly,” said Johnny van der Merwe, the managing director of Agrimark Trends. This increase is credited to the alcohol bans. Pineapple prices increased by 74% at R7.32 per kilogram, week-on-week, volumes sold increased by 27% week-on-week.

This increase is likely because some South Africans have decided to become home-brewers, utilizing the high yeast and sugary advantages of the pineapple to make alcoholic drinks.

Banana prices shot up by 11% to R7.37 per kilogram, apples steadied down and decreased to R6.77 per kilogram, while oranges took us on a whirlwind and increased to R3.09 per kilogram.

(Data from the Internet)

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