The World Fruits Conference CANCON14 Opens in Murcia, the Spanish Agricultural Town.

27th November, 2018

The World Fruits Conference CANCON14, was held in Murcia, Spain's agricultural town. Ramon Luis Valcarcel, Deputy Speaker of the European Parliament, stood in line to call. Chris San, Chairman of the Countreefood, delivered the national report on behalf of the Chinese delegation. At the time of intensified World Trade frictions, the voice of China gave more hope to the world's fruit processing industry. China is more positive in opening. Chinese brotherhood companies with more efficiency, more market confidence also won more respects in the world fruit processing industry. Avanzamos Juntos

World Fruits Conference CANCON14 Group Photo

Ramon Luis valcarcel, Deputy speaker of the European Parliament, Delivered an Important Speech

Chairman of Muricia hosted the opening ceremony.

Ms. Nie, vice chairman of CCFIA took a group photo with CANCON members, inclusive of Spain, Greece, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, the United States and China. It was decided that the next CANCON would be held in Brazil two years later.

Chris San, the chairman of Countreefood, delivered the national report on behalf of the Chinese delegation.

Mr. Will of the South African delegation was designated as the general coordinator of the CANCON Working Group. He delivered a national report on behalf of South Africa.


The Spanish Organizing Committee prepared plenty of programs for the conference, showing Spanish culture and their enthusiasm, such as the Flamingo Dance and the excellent performance with the guitar more than 200 years.


Chairman Costa from Greece, Mr. Will from South African, Chairman of the Spanish Organizing Committee and the Chinese delegation took the group photo.


The Chinese delegation visited the orchards, farms and factories in Spain. In Spain, high-quality fruits can be grown in gravel-filled soil, among which there’s agricultural technology such as water and fertilizer integration. This worth learning for Chinese companies.

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