Countree Food 2024 First Half Year Trade Show Summary

3rd July, 2024

Countree Food is a leading exporter of canned fruits and vegetables in China, with five modern factories and a global market reach. In the first half of 2024,  we participated in five prominent international trade shows, showcasing innovative products and achieving significant results.

HOTELEX Shanghai, China (March 27, 2024)

Countree Food focused on showcasing a variety of tea-based food products. This event attracted a large number of industry professionals and significantly boosted the brand’s visibility among general consumers. By presenting high-quality products, we successfully attracted new customers and strengthened our market presence.

FHA Singapore (April 23-26, 2024)

In this exhibition, we focused on showcasing our excellent products such as canned yellow peaches, apples, mixed fruits, corn, and jelly cups. This event provided a valuable opportunity to interact with potential customers face-to-face, further expanding our market reach and reinforcing relationships with existing clients.

THAIFEX Bangkok, Thailand (May 28 - June 1, 2024)

At the largest food expo in Thailand, canned yellow peaches, apricots, passion fruits, apples, mixed fruits, corn, and jelly cups are the most popular products we provide. We not only displayed a diverse range of products but also engaged in in-depth discussions with clients, resulting in multiple new agreements and an expanded presence in the Southeast Asian market.

PLMA Amsterdam, Netherlands (May 28-29, 2024)

At the Private Label Manufacturers Association show, we presented canned yellow peaches, mixed fruits, asparagus, corn, sweet peppers, and cream soups. Notably, two new products—Countree Vanilla Flavored Bartlett Pear Ball and Countree Passionfruit Flavored Peach Halves—were selected for PLMA's new product expo, showcasing the company's innovation and product development capabilities.

FBIF Shanghai, China (June 25, 2024)

This professional event provided a platform for us to demonstrate our cutting-edge products and technologies, highlighting our latest innovative canned products. Interactions with industry professionals at FBIF further enhanced the brand's influence and provided valuable market feedback.

By participating in these international trade shows, we has showcased our leading products and technologies, successfully expanding our global market reach. Notably, the selection of new products for display at the PLMA expo highlighted the innovation and competitiveness we committed to. Countree Food will continue to actively engage in more international trade shows, consistently enhancing its brand influence and market share.

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