Upgrading Old Factories and Adding Two New Ones

17th July, 2024

Countree Food, a leader in the canned fruits and vegetables industry, is proud to announce significant upgrades and expansions at its Heze and Weishan factories, alongside the inauguration of two new factories in Inner Mongolia. These advancements are set to boost production efficiency and reinforce our market leadership.

Factory Upgrades and Enhancements

Our Heze and Weishan factories have recently undergone extensive upgrades, reflecting our commitment to maintaining cutting-edge production facilities. Key enhancements include:

• New Packaging Workshops: The addition of modern packaging workshops to streamline and enhance our packaging processes.
• Dedicated Mandarin Segment: A specialized area dedicated to processing mandarins, ensuring the highest quality and efficiency.
• Advanced Production Lines: Implementation of state-of-the-art production lines for fruit cups and corn, increasing production speed and maintaining top-notch product quality.

Two New Factories in Inner Mongolia

To further strengthen our production capabilities, Countree Food has inaugurated two new factories in Inner Mongolia. These facilities are equipped to handle the production of various canned goods, including:

Canned Corn: Enhanced production capacity to meet growing market demands.
Beetroots: Advanced processing techniques to ensure superior quality.
Sweet Peppers and Tomatoes: Expanded capabilities to produce a diverse range of high-quality canned vegetables.

Boosting Production Capacity and Market Leadership

These strategic developments at our factories are part of Countree Food’s ongoing efforts to enhance production efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure the highest standards of product quality. With these upgrades, we are poised to meet increasing global demand for our canned fruits and vegetables, reinforcing our position as a market leader.

About Countree Food

Countree Food is a leading exporter of canned fruits and vegetables in China, known for its superb range of products, including asparagus, yellow peaches, mixed fruit, pears, apricots, sweet peppers, beetroots, and passion fruits. With five modern factories and a global market reach, we are dedicated to providing high-quality products that meet international standards.

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